Thursday, December 8, 2016

16 Shopping Days till Christmas- have your ordered your Keep On Truckin Apparel T-shirt yet!

With over 150 images on t-shirts, all from the works of famous illustrator Robert Crumb we have something for everyone on your Christmas list.
Crumb's characters are many and varied; one of the most popular and enduring is that saucy sage Mr. NaturalFred Natural or

"Natch" as he is known to his friends, is part mystic, part con-man. He always has the answer, he tells it like it is,

he is never short on brilliant ideas and he does not suffer fools well. He does get himself into a bit of trouble now and then, like when he told God he found the whole thing just a little bit "corny", and was promptly ejected from heaven but always the philosopher he rolls with the punches.

Other characters include Fritz the Cat of whom a feature film was made,

Flakey Foont, Mr. SnoidShuman the Human

Dirty DogSmelly Cat, and many others.
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