Wednesday, September 19, 2012

R. Crumb's Sheer Poetry Tee

KK-239 Sheer Poetry
In celebration of the upcoming Autumn Equinox this weekend, we feature on sale one of our favorite t-shirts. This image drawn by R. Crumb was pulled from the Fall, 1975 Arcade comics cover, the rich sunset over a city landscape as a single falling leaf drifts through the air and a threadbare gentleman comments "This to me is Sheer Poetry!!" is a poignant reminder of the changing season and the gift of finding beauty in every moment.

Arcade Comics No. 3
Cover drawn by R. Crumb

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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Arcade : The Comic Revue

The year was 1975, Robert Crumb of Zap Comix fame, contributed the artwork for four diverse covers of the Print Mint published Arcade comic book.

The Spring Cover promised: "Action Packed" "Uplifting Entertainment" "No Finer Comic Magazine on the Market Today!"

Arcade No. 1
Spring, 1975
R. Crumb

The Summer cover, featured two fuzzy bunnies in a bit of a pickle.

Arcade No. 2
Summer, 1975
R. Crumb

Fall features "Zippy the Pinhead "Fun." As well as an Autumn scene, with falling leaf and the quote "This to me is Sheer Poetry!!"

Arcade No. 3
Fall, 1975
R. Crumb

And finally Winter, a holiday scene with Frosty the Militant Snowman, and a Santa tank "HO-HO-HO-HO". Happy Holidays!

Arcade No. 4
Winter, 1975
R. Crumb

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Mr. Natural T-shirt, Get the Right Tool for the Job!

Mn-016 Right Tool for the Job T-shirt
Perhaps Mr. Natural's most famous aphorism was, Mr. Natural sez, "Get the Right Tool for the Job!" — spoken on seeing Flakey Foont unloading a truck full of bowling balls with a pitchfork.

The lost and bumbling Foont was forever seeking out the older and more confident Mr. Natural for nuggets of wisdom. However Natch who was perhaps wiser, and most definitely slier, played Flakey Foont for a fool more often than not.

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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

R. Crumb's -- Mr. Natural Meets God

Hint--it does not go well....

Mr. Natural Meets God

On Sale this Week: Mr. Natural "Who Wants to go to Heaven Anyway?"

Women's MN-025 Tee
Mr. Natural Organics Collection
 Mr. Fred Natural known as "Natch" to his friends, is the creation of the infamous underground comics artist Robert Crumb.

Mr. Natural a con-man and huckster, embraced the new age of Aquarius and it's flower laden children in the 1960's, metamorphosing himself into a new age mystic and spiritual leader. Sought out by would be disciples looking for the answer to that eternal question: "What does it all mean?", he has been heard to grumble that "It don't mean sheeet."

Mr. Natural & Flakey Foont
Mr. Naturals straight talking, no nonsense approach to life has on occasion gotten him into trouble, like the time he visited heaven, and while God was showing him around he commented to the Almighty that he found the whole scene (heaven) just a little bit corny. After this comment Natch found himself exiting heaven rather abruptly. But always philosophical, he asks "Who wants to go to heaven anyway!?"

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