Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Unique Father's Day Gifts your Dad will love!

If you Dad is a baby boomer, you know--some where in that age group from 45-70, it's very likely that he is a R. Crumb fan--whether he admits it or not is another issue.

Robert Crumb was a part of the counter-culture movement of the 1960's and 1970's, known as the father of the underground comics movement, he is the sole author of the original first 3 issues of the much collected ZAP COMIX.

He is also the creator of Fritz the Cat, who later went on to feature film fame, as well as possibly his best loved character Mr. Natural, a mystical madcap known for telling it like it is and not known to suffering fools well.

Other characters include, Flacky Foont, Dirty Dog, Smelly Old Cat,Shuman the Human, Vulture Demoness,Devil Girl, BoBo Bolinski and Mr. Snoid.

Crumb is a musician as well, who has recorded with the Cheap Suit Serenaders, and is an avid collector of 78 records. He has drawn many album covers over the years, perhaps the most famous of these the "Cheap Thrills" cover he did for Janis Joplin. As well he did a series of collectible Trading Cards for Yazoo Records: Heroes of the Blues, Early Jazz Greats and Pioneers of Country Music all feature the early great musicians who where among the first to record blues, jazz and country music.

Recently Crumb released an illustrated version of the Book of Genesis, the original artwork is currently touring the US. Next stop the San Jose Museum of Art,opening June 23.

So if you are looking for a unique, fun, retro gift that will put a smile on your old man face check out our R. Crumb Tees and Hoodies exclusively at Keep On Truckin' Apparel.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Now available in a Hoodie: Keep On Truckin'

Robert Crumb's original single page visual riff cartoon, Keep On Truckin', was inspired by the Blind Boy Fuller song, "Truckin' My Blues Away". The Doodah men, as they where called, where later referenced in the Grateful Dead song "Truckin" from the 1970's album American Beauty.

The image has become an icon for a generation, to Keep On Keepin' On. Now available for the first time in a plush Organic Hoodie. This Unisex Hoody is available in sizes S-2X, in colors white, navy, charcoal, chocolate and heather grey.

A Keep On Truckin' Apparel exclusive design.

Our plush hooded pullover sweatshirts are made from a blend of sustainable fibers, 55% organic cotton and 45% post consumer recycled polyester. This no fuss blend is soft to the feel and goes from dryer to your back with ease. Keeping you looking great with the added bonus of being environmentally responsible. A no pain way to make a better world for you and me!

If you plan to layer under your cool new hoodie you may want to size up one size—we do.

Monday, May 9, 2011

On Sales this Week: R. Crumb's Good Tone Records

Drawn by Robert Crumb in 1972 for Good Tone Records, this cover proclaims "Music self-played is Happiness self-made."

Side one on the original 78 record, Ducks Yas Yas by Good Tone Banjo Boys with vocal duet by Dan Wheetman and R. Crumb.
Side two, Beautiful Missouri Waltz.

The cover features two, fringe vested, go-go boot wearing hippie girls; rendered in Crumb's classic big bottomed style, shakin' it for the band.

100% Cotton T-Shirts in both Men's and Women's styles, Sizes S-3X, in your choice of color.
Available exclusively at Keep On Truckin' Apparel.