Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Cyber Monday Sale at Keep On Truckin Apparel

Cyber Monday is coming up, November 28, 2012, and we are having a store wide 10% off sale on all our cool R. Crumb designs. Keep On Truckin' Apparel currently offers over 150+ images from the underground comic icon Robert Crumb.

Our plush cotton short and long sleeve t-shirts and our soft cotton blend hoodies are all on Sale this Monday. You choose your favorite image from R. Crumb Classics, the Mr. Natural Collection or the Heroes of the Blues, then pick the t-shirt style, color and size and we'll have it off to you in time for holiday gift giving. No coupon code required, your discount will be applied at checkout.

So be original this year, or as Mr. Natural would say "Quest into the Unknown" for a unique, fun gift from

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Robert Crumb's Zap Comix #1, T-Shirt Designs

R. Crumb's Underground Comic obis, Zap Comix No. 1 drawn in November 1967 is a treasure trove of iconic images, many of which have found there way to becoming designs for t-shirts and hoodies at Keep On Truckin' Apparel.
Beginning with the Cover art: Mr. Natural visits the city, and fields questions regarding the meaning of "Diddy-Wah-Diddy".

Within the comic book we find the 5 page strip; Mr. Natural "Visits the City, Yes, he's back in town...just to see all his old friends who are still around. Maybe he'll even drop in on your!", in which Mr. Natural drops in on his ol' buddy Flakey Foont to discuss Foont's continued "Quest into the Unknown".

Further within, Freak-out Funnies presents a 2 page strip titled "I'm a Ding Dong Daddy"

Then the single page "Abstract Expressionist Ultra Super Modernistic Comics.

And last but never least, the image what became a catch phrase for a generation. The first cell from the single page Keep On Truckin'...

You'll find all these t-shirts and many more at Keep On Truckin Apparel. Buy with confindence we are official licensees of Robert Crumb and take pride in bringing you quality tees and hoodies!
Keep On Truckin!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Hoodies on Sale at Keep On Truckin' Apparel

Baby it's cold out there! Time to bundle up in one of our plush hooded sweatshirts.

Sale starts this Tuesday, November 15th and ends November 20th, enjoy 10% off any of our hoodie styles. You'll find Fritz the Cat, Mr. Natural of course, our classic Keep On Truckin' images, Head Comix Covers, Zap Comix "Plugged In", All Power to the People, Blues Tour and our Heroes of the Blues music compilation design---in total 18 designs to choice from.

No coupon codes required, your discount will be applied at checkout. So get one for yourself and take care of your holiday shopping as well, with an original R. Crumb classic from Keep On Truckin Apparel.

Happy Holidays!