Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Happy Birthday Robert Crumb--One Day Sale August 30th!

To Celebrate the ol' masters Birthday we are having a ONE day only sale tomorrow, Thursday, August 30th.

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This only happens once a year!

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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

KK-244 Shuman the Human T-shirt
 Shuman the Human, the creation of R. Crumb is said to be a bald version of another Crumb character Flakey Foont.

The wanna-be mystic suffers much in his on going quest for spiritual wisdom. Misunderstood and weighted down by the suffering of the world, sensitive Shuman's best efforts to obtain enlightenment are often fouled by that old rascal Mr. Natural. In fact two such encounters with "Natch" lead to Shuman being taken away by the guys in  white coats for a long quiet rest.

Shuman the Human's Epithet
 But through it all it seems that Shuman rather enjoys the pain, as he imagines his epithet to read, "Here lies Saint Shuman a beautiful person who was crushed by a brutal world."
Poor Shuman.

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Monday, August 13, 2012

On Sale T-shirt design this week: R. Crumb's "Dirty Dog"

Dirty Dog first appeared in Zap No. 3; a resident of the Big Apple or perhaps the Naked City would be a better moniker when referring to the residence of Dirty Dog.

He got his name from the Jimmie Rodgers song  "T for Texas".

"Rather drink muddy water, Lord.
Sleep in a hollow log.
Than be up here in New York City.
Treated like a dirty dog."

Dirty Dog's best back alley buddy is Smelly Old Cat,  and while Smelly will probably pee on your carpet and steal your TV--Dirty Dog is more likely to appropriate your porn and lock himself in your bathroom.

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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

On Sale T-shirt this week: R. Crumb's Smelly Old Cat

KK-245 Smelly Old Cat in Military Green
 Smelly Old Cat first appeared in issue No. 1 of Motor City comics in April of 1969 which was published by Rip Off Press.

 A big city soul brother to Dirty Dog, he dwells in the back alleys, and is known for his pungent odor. You might not want to take him home as he will likely pee on your carpet and steal your TV.

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