Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Official Press Release - Launch of Keep On Truckin' Apparel


Keep On Truckin' Apparel Launches Robert Crumb T-Shirt Line
Largest collection of R. Crumb artwork available online; on-demand; on "green" textiles

Carlton, Oregon. Tuesday, December 16, 2009. Today, Keep On Truckin' Apparel, LLC, announced the launch of Keep On Truckin' Apparel (KOT), online at KOT Apparel features the comic artwork of Robert Crumb.

On the heels of Robert Crumb's illustrated version of the biblical story of Genesis (published by W. W. Norton & Company, 2009), Keep On Truckin' Apparel has secured the license to create t-shirt collections and apparel featuring comic illustrations by Robert Crumb. This agreement between Keep On Truckin' Apparel, LLC, and R. Crumb marks the largest collection of apparel featuring Crumb's artwork online.

Keep On Truckin's website, at, features R. Crumb characters such as the Truckin' Guys, Fritz the Cat, and Mr. Natural, as well as illustrations such as the prescient "Crying Earth," the cubist-inspired "Mutate Now," and others. KOT Apparel will add more images to its website monthly based on visitor and shopper feedback.

Keep On Truckin' currently offers three t-shirt collections: the "Classics Collection" featuring iconic R. Crumb illustrations; the "Mr. Natural Organics Collection" featuring Crumb's infamous character and related imagery; and the "Krazy Kool" Collection, which mixes distinctly Crumb designs with modern sensibilities and tastes.

All Keep On Truckin' Apparel is printed on-demand – based on the customer's design preference and t-shirt style, color, and size choices. Shoppers can choose from conventional cotton, organic cotton, and an organic bamboo/cotton blended t-shirt material.

Keep On Truckin's website is designed to address the R. Crumb fan, as well as those new to Robert Crumb's work, and will grow to include new designs, collections, and content focused on the work of Robert Crumb.

For more information, please contact:

E.R. Stephens
Founder, Owner
Keep On Truckin' Apparel

Jason Michaels
Director of Sales and Marketing, Online
Keep On Truckin' Apparel

About Keep On Truckin' Apparel

Keep On Truckin' Apparel, LLC, is the largest licensee of R. Crumb apparel in the United States. Headquartered in Carlton, Oregon, and with offices in St. Louis, Missouri, and Sacramento, California, "KOT Apparel" produces quality apparel with a focus on print-on-demand t-shirts. Apparel is printed based on the shopper's preferences – design, style, t-shirt color and size – using state-of-the-art printing technology. Keep On Truckin' is an official licensee of R. Crumb.

About Robert Crumb, R. Crumb

Born in Philadelphia in 1943, Robert Crumb began his craft as a young boy. In the early 1960s, Mr. Crumb moved to Cleveland where he worked as an artist for a greeting card company, and during this period, he perfected his famous big-footed character style.

In 1967, Robert Crumb moved to San Francisco, and in 1968, launched the infamous Zap Comix. It was on the corner of Haight and Ashbury Streets in San Francisco that the underground comics movement was born. Crumb's satirical work inspired a generation of comic artists to be expressive, bold and original.

Mr. Crumb currently lives in France with his wife Aline and continues to create comics. His most recent release is the illustrated version of The Book of Genesis.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Color Previews of KOT Tees Featuring the Art of R. Crumb

A quick feature update:

We set default t-shirt colors that complement each R. Crumb design. You can shop for t-shirts and buy the example color, or choose your own shirt color preference. It's always your choice, but we like to help whenever possible.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Keep On Truckin' Apparel on Twitter

Keep On Truckin' is using Twitter to converse with fans and to solicit new ideas for designs, t-shirt options, color choices, etc. Follow us on Twitter to have your say.

Keep On Truckin' Apparel on Facebook

Keep On Truckin' has a Facebook Profile Page located here. Befriend us to get a behind-the-scenes look at Keep On Truckin' Apparel, new designs, and more.

We're Online

We launched Keep On Truckin' Apparel on December 5, 2009. Have a look and email us at info {at} kotapparel {dot} com with feedback and your wish list of new images for