Monday, December 20, 2010

This weeks Featured Sale R. Crumb T-Shirt: "Stop Watching TV"

ON SALE this week, R. Crumb's "Stop Watching TV". This image was isolated from a full page strip which was the back cover of Motor City Comics No. 2 published by Rip Off Press in February of 1970.

The original warns of the evils of television and extols the virtues of reading Motor City Comics -"Read it and you will be set FREE! Contained within these pages are mind-blowing glimpses of REALITY as it REALLY IS! These comics BREAK THROUGH the TV-induced STUPOR, for this is ANTI-MEDIA!"

Reality as it Really is.......

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Sunday, December 12, 2010

This weeks Featured ON SALE tee is a "Brilliant Idea"!

This little guy is pulled direct from the head of that old prognosticator Mr. Fred Natural. "Natch", as he is known to his friends, was created by the 1960's underground comics creator and counter culture icon Robert Crumb, and first appeared in the May 1967 issue of Yarrowstalks.
Mr. Natural is known as a madcap mystic who possesses magical powers and will on occasion share his cosmic insights. He always has the answer, he tells it like it is, he does not suffer fools well and he is never short on "Brilliant" ideas--like this one!!
This image is isolated from the lush Head Comix book cover which is one of my favorites. The cover also features Fritz the Cat and the Old Popperoo.
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